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What does Sun Tarot Card mean?

The Sun is a Major Arcana card that represents vitality, success, love and support. There are few other cards that can detract from its unwavering favorable force when it appears. 

Think of the way the sunlight feels, warming your skin on a beautiful day. There is no question the sun will rise again each morning. Plants grow, flower and bloom with the life force energy of the sun. All of these attributes translate into the powerful influence of this Major Arcana card. 

If you’ve been having a difficult time and draw this card it’s an excellent sign. You’re being told that just as the sun thaws the winter ground or reappears after a rainstorm, your path will brighten again and soon. There is a childlike joy associated with the card. We are protected and cared for by the highest good. We are allowed to simply enjoy our life and successes with the reassurance that we are on the right path and surrounded by abundance. 

In queries of work The Sun can represent recognition, fame and reward for achievements. It metaphorically shines it light on the hard work you’ve been doing and shows up to let you know that others are taking note. It assists in giving a boost of confidence to the situation. The Sun favors careers that focus on helping others. It also favors those with physical aptitude as its influence is very positive for the body’s stamina and vitality.

In matters of love and romance The Sun is a card that radiates happiness. If you are in a couple then expect success and an abundance of love. It can indicate a contented joy in your life no matter the relationship status. If the read is inquiring about a potential match the outcome will be favorable. 

It is important to read The Sun in accordance to other cards that appear in the reading, especially other Major Arcanas. For example, if drawn along with The Moon, we are being asked to maintain mental balance. Our imagination might be leaning too far into reckless optimism and we may be overlooking reality. Or, we could be far too wary and The Sun encourages us with its light to let our guard down. 

The Sun is a card that favors fertility, just as our sun brings life to the earth we live on. If drawn with The Empress, it could very well mean pregnancy or the birth of a creative project that has significant sentimental meaning. 

When The Sun is drawn along with The Devil card we are being prepared for a journey into self discovery, often in the realm of achieving our highest dreams. The Sun is the best card to counteract the ferocity of The Devil as it shines its light in the deepest darkness, bringing to the surface our hidden aspirations so that we can chase after them, taking the steps to achieve our wildest dreams. 

Over all The Sun is a sign of overwhelming positivity. If the reading is to answer a simple yes or no question, consider the appearance of The Sun to be a resounding yes. Even when the card is reversed, it is hard to take away the strong sentiment of hope and certainty. 

When we see The Sun appear reversed we are being asked to have a bit more faith. We may be blocking our own blessings by telling ourselves that things will never get better. That is simply not true and The Sun is an indicator to pick yourself up and persevere. 

Imagery on the card often depicts a small child riding on a horse or a lion. This is calling to our inner child. If The Sun appears reversed that may be a sign to embrace and nurture our inner child, reawaken our innate sense of wonder and innocence. There is no storm that lasts forever. The Sun always returns. When reversed we are being asked to believe in that sentiment, keep faith and return to ourselves. 

No matter the inquiry, The Sun is one of the most powerful positive forces in a tarot deck. It will displace and dispel cards that indicate hardship or negativity as a clearing force for good. It always indicates the brightening and lightening of a situation, no matter how dark and dreary it may seem. It indicates joy and success. Just as our sun in the sky it is a symbol always of the promise of a new day. 

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