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Opals: The Luckiest and Unluckiest Stones You Can Wear

Considered both the luckiest and unluckiest stones you can wear Opal  gems have inspired folklore. Opal is the astrological gemstone of Venus and worn for Love,  Companionship, Relationship, sexual compatibility and fertility. The Opal stone also signifies beauty, power and financial prosperity.

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Jewelry In The Age of Aquarius

In February of 2021 six planets will be in Aquarius. Last December we witnessed the Great Conjunction where Jupiter and Saturn left Capricorn and found a new home in Aquarius.  It’s safe to say we have entered fully into the Age of Aquarius. We’re being ushered into a forward thinking era and leaving behind a time of rigidity and realism.  The perfect way to tune into and find our way through these conflicting energies is to work with stones carrying attributes of Aquarian energy. With these every day wearable artworks we are able to express ourselves more freely and feel more grounded at the same time.  Labradorite is a gifted stone that will temper any negative inner chatter. By wearing...

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5 Houseplant And Crystal Pairings You Need To Try

Bringing nature indoors with house plants is a perfect way to brighten up your home. House plants are proven to improve indoor air quality, increase concentration and lower stress levels. As with all things, plants also have metaphysical properties.

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Decorate Your Daily Life With Jewelry

The body is a temple and that temple needs to be adorned. Decorate your daily life with jewelry handcrafted with care. Each piece of hand made jewelry is as unique as you are, with a style for every story.   What we wear on the outside is an expression of the way we feel on the inside. We Love Brass embraces individuality with deep homage and reverence for the past. Blending the old with new brings an element of alchemy to your everyday wardrobe. Wearing pieces of our collections elevate and enhance your personal style through intention and mindful design. There is something to be said about the versatility of brass. As a metal it has protective, healing and manifesting properties. With...

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Amplify The Powers Of A New Moon With Jewelry

The moon has tremendous influence over our lives. There is a saying that the sun sees the body, but the moon sees the soul. Divinely feminine, this celestial force goes from new to full roughly every 30 days. With that, we are allowed an opportunity to dive deep into ourselves, release old habits and set new intentions under certain phases.  Living in accordance with the moon is an intuitive and useful practice that anyone can do. The astrological position of the moon in its different phases have abilities that can be useful depending on your intention. Rituals under the moon are typically performed at either the full or the new moon. New Moon This is when the moon is at...

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