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Mermaidcore Outfits and Mermaid Core Aesthetics

Mermaidcore jewelry is a unique and captivating trend Mermaidcore jewelry is a unique and captivating trend that combines the dreamy and ethereal qualities of mermaids with the oceanic and beachy motifs of coastal living. This style of jewelry is characterized by its use of ocean-inspired themes, such as shells, pearls, and sea creatures, as well as its incorporation of whimsical and fantastical elements, like mermaids, starfish, and other sea-related imagery. Mermaidcore jewelry is perfect for those who love the ocean and the beach, or for those who are drawn to the mystical and magical qualities of mermaids. The designs of this jewelry are often inspired by the natural beauty of the ocean, with many pieces featuring shells, pearls, and other ocean-related...

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The Top Mistakes People Make Buying Jewelry Online

What are the biggest mistakes I can make shopping online? These are the biggest mistakes I've made while shopping for jewelry and supplies online. I've been a lifelong jewelry lover and Beader (since the age of 8). Before the internet existed all there was, was Michael's and Hobby Lobby and they got all my money. The only thing better than these two was a much coveted and rarely found bead and crystal show, or a gun show. That's right, a gun show. Back in the day my mom used to take us to gun shows that would honestly be just pop up at any mall in the middle of hodunk America. At these gun shows they'd have crystals, beads, and my...

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Handmade Beaded Chokers

Take a look at the behind the scenes work that went into creating this one of a kind Pearl, Cream, and Orange colored seed bead choker.  Like many cool things I found the pattern on Pinterest.

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What do jewelry boxes symbolize?

The importance of Jewelry Boxes Purchasing and owning precious jewels and elegant pieces of jewelry often reveal the representation of one’s own self in the form of these. These pieces symbolize cherished feelings and a part of your soul with their magnificent beauty and stunning sparkle, so regardless of their worth, these are invaluable possessions that are precious to your heart. To keep these valuable Jewelry collections protected and secured, jewelry boxes are a necessity as well a compulsion when it comes to owning jewelry items. So let’s dive into what jewelry boxes are, their purpose of creation, and their invaluable benefits. The purpose of Jewelry Box So it is understood that you would like a safe keep for your...

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