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Jewelry In The Age of Aquarius

In February of 2021 six planets will be in Aquarius. Last December we witnessed the Great Conjunction where Jupiter and Saturn left Capricorn and found a new home in Aquarius.  It’s safe to say we have entered fully into the Age of Aquarius. We’re being ushered into a forward thinking era and leaving behind a time of rigidity and realism. 

The perfect way to tune into and find our way through these conflicting energies is to work with stones carrying attributes of Aquarian energy. With these every day wearable artworks we are able to express ourselves more freely and feel more grounded at the same time. 

Labradorite is a gifted stone that will temper any negative inner chatter. By wearing Labradorite we will feel it’s subtle effect through this powerful transformation.  Labradorite enforces and cleanses the throat chakra so we are guided and protected by the highest good to speak up for ourselves and for others. This humanitarian element is the very essence of Aquarius, which is always looking for better ways to move through the world. Labradorite raises our consciousness and promotes psychic abilities and intuition. 

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, the only planet that spins on its side. This influences the astrological transit to be free and forward thinking; the type that will go against the grain if it means getting to the highest good. This will be felt on a personal and societal level throughout this transit.

Cherry Blossom Agate is known to be the stone of dreamers. It will encourage entrepreneurs to pursue their highest hopes. It nurtures goals and encourages the wearer to live the life they want. Seamlessly this blends with the vibe of the times. Aquarius favors the unconventional. Cherry Blossom Agate will free us and uplift us, encouraging us to live our best lives, with our highest good in mind. 

In this new age of Aquarius we are being asked to forgo the status quo and live life on our own terms. We are leaving a structured society ruled in Saturn by earthy Capricorn and evolving into an air influence of Aquarius. This requires patience and balance. 

Agate will balance our mind and body. Transitions can sometimes be tumultuous. Agate will enhance our mental function and stabilize our aura. It will improve our concentration and analytical ability. By wearing and working with Agate we will be be able to see clearly the steps ahead and navigate this transition gracefully. 

Aquarians truly always think outside the box and honor all those who live outside the norms of society. To do this takes courage. Black Tourmaline is a stone that is a powerful protector. It can aid in this transition by keeping the body grounded to the former earthy energies we’re leaving behind, while at the same time allows free rein and confidence in the esoteric field. It is a stone that improves self confidence which will be necessary for anyone forging ahead against the grain into the new frontier of the Aquarian Age. 

The overarching theme of the age is uniting and coming together to protect the vulnerable. There is no better stone to assist in these pursuits than a Rose Quartz. Promoting universal love, compassion and balance, Rose Quartz is a stone that will assist and protect in endeavors of universal love and justice. It will restore and rejuvenate the circulatory system, which Aquarius rules. A perfect match for anyone looking to manage overwhelming feelings of empathy and looking to find the Light. 

Astrologically we are going to experience a stellium (three or more planets in a particular sign), in Aquarius this month. Six planets are going to be in Aquarius. We’ve just witnessed a Grand Conjunction in Aquarius. We are pushing against the patriarchal energies of the former age. We are all about this energy right now. 

Tiger’s Eye is one of the foundational stones of protection. It will ground us in these often uncertain times. It will harmonize our energies and assist us in taking action. Tiger’s Eye protects us and at the same time gives us a push in the right direction, will strengthen our discernment and provide clarity and focus to our lives. 

Remember, all energy is neural until directed. We are working in a deeply transformational time given the current energies. Tap into the things that honor your light and highest good. 

Aquarius is the sign of revolutionary change, the unexpected and humanitarian pursuits. We are experiencing a major transition now and will feel the effects throughout the coming year. While wearing these stones, some mantras to meditate on are, freedom, equality and brotherhood. The universe is our oyster right now. Pave your own way and be inspired by anything that serves a higher purpose. Don’t be discouraged that it may be outside the norm. 


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