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Jewelry Boxes

Purchasing and owning precious jewels and elegant pieces of jewelry often reveal the representation of one’s own self in the form of these. These pieces symbolize cherished feelings and a part of your soul with their magnificent beauty and stunning sparkle, so regardless of their worth, these are invaluable possessions that are precious to your heart.

 To keep these valuable Jewelry collections protected and secured, jewelry boxes are a necessity as well a compulsion when it comes to owning jewelry items. So let’s dive into what jewelry boxes are, their purpose of creation, and their invaluable benefits.

 The purpose of Jewelry Box

So it is understood that you would like a safe keep for your such priceless possessions that are not only proven as safe keep but also possess marvelous beauty that rhythms perfectly with the jewels they are keeping. Jewelry boxes are crafted with the same purpose and thus they are perfect safe-keepers for your jewels and jewelry pieces. When you open up a jewelry box, you open up a vault to your memories so it is very important that you put great effort into selecting your jewelry box.

The history of Jewelry Box

Since the dawn of humanity, jewelry has always been a part of ancient cultures and races. Thus, the history of jewelry boxes goes as far away as the first pieces of jewelry humans possessed. Throughout history, humans preferred pieces of jewelry that were crafted from precious metals, often encrusted with precious gems and jewels. As such a secure, yet often well decorated keepsake box or casket was required to keep such items safe.  

 The earliest incarnations of jewelry boxes were often akin to treasure chests, hence the term “Jewelry Casket” originated from that concept. They were often built to safeguard the pieces rather than sustaining the quality of pieces. They were larger than a chest and usually raised on feet rather than having a flat surface to which it rests.

Over the course of history, the jewelry boxes, treasure boxes, and jewelry caskets vary in their appearance. They were often styled with elaborated details, outwardly reflecting the value of possessions inside. At the turn of the 20th century, jewelry boxes became popular as till that point only Nobles and Royalty had jewelry items and thus they had the privilege of having jewelry boxes.

Why Jewelry Boxes are popular

Pieces of jewelry are not just material possessions, but symbolizes the choices and taste of the owner. Jewelry boxes say a lot about a person’s personality and therefore, people put a lot of thoughts into purchasing jewelry boxes that not only are safe and secure but also reflect the very essence of the jewelry they are going to put in there.

The second reason is because of their usefulness, as well as their undeniable value as decoration pieces that hold your revered memories. Having a jewelry box is like having a return ticket to those loving memories that you cherish. So a jewelry box has to be unique and special that connects with its owners, making it an extremely important part of one’s life. 

 Why Jewelry Boxes are useful

Jewelry boxes are exquisite, remarkable, sturdy, and versatile display boxes and storage containers with uncountable benefits.

●      Organization

Jewelry boxes are perfect to keep your jewelry items organized and free from the jumble. They come in various sizes and designs to perfectly accommodate your needs. You can order jewelry boxes with compartments to store multiple items or you can have a jewelry box with a single space to hold a jewelry item that is most precious to you. Many boxes come with other storage options as well, such as pockets, fold-out compartments, hooks, etc.

  ●      Preserving the quality

Jewelry boxes preserve the quality of jewelry items. They not only protect items from dust and elements that are found in the air, but there are also some specialized jewelry boxes that prevent oxidization and tarnishing of jewelry items by keeping moisture and harmful sulfides in check. 

  ●      Protection from damage

When left in the open, jewelry items are then get exposed to wear and tear that would have avoided otherwise. These jewelry items can easily get damaged if are not placed in proper protection. Jewelry boxes not only keep your jewelry organized and secured but also provide necessary protection from external forces. Jewelry boxes also come with compartments so that you get to store your items separately in order to prevent pieces from rubbing up against each other and causing scratches.

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