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Amplify The Powers Of A New Moon With Jewelry

The moon has tremendous influence over our lives.

There is a saying that the sun sees the body, but the moon sees the soul. Divinely feminine, this celestial force goes from new to full roughly every 30 days. With that, we are allowed an opportunity to dive deep into ourselves, release old habits and set new intentions under certain phases. 

Living in accordance with the moon is an intuitive and useful practice that anyone can do. The astrological position of the moon in its different phases have abilities that can be useful depending on your intention. Rituals under the moon are typically performed at either the full or the new moon.

New Moon

This is when the moon is at the very beginning of its cycle. Although not visible to the human eye, it is often said to be the most powerful. Naturally it is most effective to set intentions for new beginnings. Business and self improvement ventures are generally considered good intentions to set under this lunar placement. 

Because of the potency it is also a very strong time for shadow work, banishing and protection. Our intuition is heightened at the pull of a new moon. We are asked to look inward, take stock of ourselves. Write down your intentions on a piece of paper and watch them come to fruition generally in three months time by the corresponding full moon. 

New Moon and Jewelry

You can amplify the powers of a new moon and enhance your intentions with jewelry and crystals. Dark stones like Black Obsidian, Onyx and Black Tourmaline are favorable for protection, releasing negativity and introspection. Labradorite is a great stone to use for being able to see the positivity even in a time of assumed darkness. It also is closely related to moonstone which is a perfect gem to work with when working with the moon. 

Full Moon

This lunar phase is all about completion and is a great time to celebrate. It is meant to amplify and illuminate all areas of our life. This can sometimes mean to highlight patterns which may not be working for us, so it is important to be gentle with ourselves if that comes up. Emotions tend to be heightened and intuition as well. Divination is a great tool to use during this time. Rituals for love, fertility and self care are favorable during this time. 

Some ways to celebrate the full moon is performing a fire ceremony or ritual bath. Gemstones and jewelry with Opal, Clear Quartz and Selenite will amplify the powers of completion, fullness and hope during this time. 

Moon and Astrology

Each lunar cycle carries a specific astrological assignment depending on where it is in the sky. The moon itself rules our emotions, intuition and the Divine Feminine. We can harness this power and apply it to ourselves in meditation, crystals or even water to drink. Depending on the sign the moon is in will determine another layer of the essence of that influence. 

Aries - Ruled by Mars the god of action and war. This is a good sign to work on confidence, individuality or solving problems related to the head, since Aries rules the head. 

Taurus - Sensual and lover of all things comfortable, this earth sign will help with grounding and appreciating beauty in all forms. 

Gemini - The twins, communicative and the embodiment of duality, working on the throat chakra and adaptability will serve well with this sign. 

Cancer - A sign ruled by the moon itself, a good time for nurturing, feelings of “home”, connecting with women, mothers and the ocean. 

Leo - Ruled by the sun, this is an excellent sign to illuminate and recognize strengths and promote feelings of royalty, express yourself.

Virgo - Organization and cleansing are two qualities that will correlate with this sign. Resourcefulness and grounding energy as well. 

Libra - Romance rituals are highly favored under this lunation and anything that will help bring justice and balance to affairs. 

Scorpio - Deep and powerful, this sign is an excellent time to develop psychic abilities and engage in shadow work. Bring about what is hidden to light. 

Sagittarius - The Archer, always adventuring and seeking something new. This is a favorable time for broadening horizons, seeing things from a different point of view. 

Capricorn - This earth sign is all about structure and abundance. Focus on matters of work, discipline and finance around this time for the most favorable results. 

Aquarius - Ruled by Uranus, a planet that spins on its side, this is a great time to think outside the box, find inspiration in your unique originality, what comes from it might surprise you. 

Pisces - Another great lunar connection is to connect deeply with water, specifically the ocean. Cleanse and feel the depths of your emotions, empathic work and strengthen psychic abilities is also favorable with this sign. 

The moon is a powerful tool to transform and influence our lives. For example, if we are looking for a new beginning in business, we can plan to aim for the time when the moon is new preferably in Capricorn. If we are looking for find true love, a ritual performed under a full moon in Libra will have greater influence. It is important to know how the astrological transits of the moon influence our emotions so we can make informed decisions and live a more harmonious life.

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