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The Top Mistakes People Make Buying Jewelry Online

What are the biggest mistakes I can make shopping online?

These are the biggest mistakes I've made while shopping for jewelry and supplies online. I've been a lifelong jewelry lover and Beader (since the age of 8).

Before the internet existed all there was, was Michael's and Hobby Lobby and they got all my money. The only thing better than these two was a much coveted and rarely found bead and crystal show, or a gun show. That's right, a gun show. Back in the day my mom used to take us to gun shows that would honestly be just pop up at any mall in the middle of hodunk America. At these gun shows they'd have crystals, beads, and my favorite back in the day, coins. I still love and collect coins and other trinkets (obviously). 

  1. Product Description - just read it. I know it sucks, but do. Also what sucks about descriptions is people use so much glittery language that they don't tell you the important stuff. Like what type of metals the charms are, or what type of crystal (actually glass or synthetic/manmade crystal). The metal matters a lot, avoid base metals at all costs. I buy Silver (stainless steel) and Brass always, Gold is always great but is expensive, but outside of these 3, I don't want it. 
  2. Size - Just keep a ruler on you so you know which dimensions they're using. I've bought many items not realizing the scale of the picture is so enlarged that what I think is "regular" is actually just a mini -_-.
  3. Return Policy - If you bought something from overseas returns are difficult, so make sure that you did 1 and 2 to avoid being harmed or annoyed by not being able to do number 3 (return a product).
  4. Buying Dupes - Just buy from the original person you found making it. If it's not another drop ship rip off, you can best believe people have already stolen images or doctored the original images for their own listings leaving you out in the dust. I've seen this happen with several jewelry makers who people think they've found their designs for cheaper, no, you didn't, it's a rouse. 
  5. Shipping Location - I take no more than 5-10 business days to ship everything. Waiting 4-6 + weeks sucks especially if you weren't prepared for that wait. Always check the shipping location because anything coming from overseas, especially Europe, India, and China can take forever. Props to Turkey for always having a great shipping time for anything I buy.

These are just what I can think of at the moment. Hope this helps!

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