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A Beginner's Guide to Palmistry

We can see our past, present and future through the lines and shape of our fingers and palms. Chiromancy, or palmistry is the art of divination through reading someone’s palm. 

The shape of our hands correlate with the four different elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The elemental assignment of your palm is not always the same as your sun sign. For example, if you are an earth sign like Taurus, you can still have Water hands. 

Earth hands have short fingers and a square palm. People with these hands are practical, grounded and logical. They can also sometimes be short sighted or stubborn. 

Water hands are the opposite, with long fingers and a long palm. They appear slender and often narrow. Someone with a water palm is intuitive, sensitive and imaginative. They can sometimes become too invested in other’s emotions which can cause unnecessary stress. 

Fire hands have short fingers with a long palm. Those influenced by the fire element are quick acting, passionate and confident. They may have difficulty thinking things through and should take care to consider consequences. 

Air hands are characterized by long fingers and square palms. Fingers are often boney with large knuckles. These people are motivated by intellection stimulation and are highly analytical. Although skilled at communication, those with air hands can sometimes be overly anxious. 

The lines of the palm are what we most commonly read. When reading a palm it is typical to look at the most dominant hand. The non dominant hand can be looked to for further insight, past lives or subconscious potential. 

The large, easily identifiable line curving around the thumb is known as the Life Line. A short life line does not indicate an early death but rather a life independent from the influence of others. Oppositely, a long life line is indicative of a life that is strongly influenced by others. A secondary line, closer to the thumb that follows the life line is an indication that you have a strong guardian spirit protecting you through life. 

Just above the life line is the Head Line. This line gives insight to a person’s view on life. If the line is straight across, the person will be very logical and favor reason. If the line has curvature it indicates the person is a creative thinker and will often have alternative beliefs of the world. If there are breaks in the line it can indicate hardship or moments of mental breakthroughs. 

Further towards the fingers is the Heart Line. This line will predict relationships and love in one’s life. If the line begins underneath the middle finger, the person is often selfish in relationships or restless with commitment. If the line begins at the index finger it indicates fidelity and favors strong commitment. Breaks or multiple lines can indicate hardship in relationships. A strong line from the side of the palm to the index finger indicates strong relationships and healthy romance. 

There are many more facets to palmistry and intricacies involving mounts under the fingers, crosses, stars, grilles and islands. Finger prints and nail shapes also influence a palm reading. Wearing rings and jewelry on certain fingers will also elevate the planetary force the finger represents. 

For example, the pinky finger is influenced by the Moon and promotes psychic abilities and esoteric power. Pinky rings will promote those facets. 

The thumb is ruled by Venus. Promoting this Venusian influence is romantic and luxurious. Those with a pronounced Venusian mount have a taste for the finer things in life. 

The ring finger is ruled by Apollo and its influence is creative and also rules relationships. Markings under this finger will relate to creative ambition and expression. 

The index finger is ruled by Jupiter and promotes leadership and confidence. Wearing a ring on this finger strengthens these qualities and influences one’s spirituality. 

The middle finger is ruled by Saturn. The influences of this finger is responsibility, justice and law. It also strengthens one’s ability to manage others. 

Palmistry gives us insight to ourselves and can predict trends for the future. As always, it is open to interpretation and is never set completely in stone. The lines on our palms shift over time and we can always alter our path to live our most fulfilling lives. 

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