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5 Houseplant And Crystal Pairings You Need To Try

Bringing nature indoors with house plants is a perfect way to brighten up your home. House plants are proven to improve indoor air quality, increase concentration and lower stress levels. As with all things, plants also have metaphysical properties. Using crystals in your hand made jewelry and your home can increase and compliment their energy flow, making your domestic oasis a truly magical place. 


Using gemstones in the garden is an intuitive and easy practice to amplify the energetic properties of your plant. Simply place the gem in the soil, or resting on top of the leaves. You can also use crystal essence water to keep your plant hydrated. 

Orchid + Moonstone

Easily one of the most alluring and sought after house plants, orchids for centuries have been a symbol of mysticism, luxury and romance. In eastern medicine their roots have been used to cure illnesses ranging from cancers to poor eyesight. In ancient Greek culture, their roots were made into potions to improve fertility and romance. It is also a flower associated with mysticism and improving psychic abilities. For this reason, a moonstone is an excellent pairing with an orchid. Moonstone jewelry can be used to enhance intuition and promote restorative rest. 

Rubber Tree + Citrine

This plant is a member of the Fig family and can grow quite large with watering and lots of indirect sunlight. The leaves can be crushed and used topically to treat rashes and minor wounds. The bark and larger branches contain latex which can also be used as a natural deriving rubber. 


Metaphysically these plants represent abundance, wealth and happiness. Citrine is a stone of abundance and protection against theft. For manifesting enduring and protected wealth in your home, pair these two elements together and place in a corner of your home. The large round leaves soften edges, making this a peaceful plant for perfect wealth manifestation. 

Cactus + Moss Agate

Simple to care for and with so many positive qualities, a cactus is one of the best plants to have handy at home. The oil of a cactus has been used for cosmetic purposes and most often to prevent signs of aging. It also has an anti-inflammatory property and can help in wound healing. The milk of the cactus is also used to promote respiratory health. 


All plants that have thorns are automatically considered strong protectors of energy. Warding off negative energy with its spikes, a cactus will dispel negative energy and dishonesty in your home. Moss Agate is a common gardener’s stone that promotes grounding and genuine connection. To ensure your home is a happy, healthy and honest place, pair Moss Agate with a Cactus and leave by the window or entryway to your home. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig + Green Aventurine 

The “It” houseplant at the moment, a fiddle leaf fig is a decorative and natural way to improve the energy in your home. Figs have been held in high regard by the Greeks, Romans and Buddists for centuries. It has been viewed as a symbol of enlightenment and good luck. Green Aventurine is a very soothing stone and often used to protect the heart. It is a potent stone for protection against electromagnetic pollution. It is also said to promote confidence. A magical trick for divination involving a leaf of a Fiddle Fig is to write a question on the leaf. If the leaf takes a long time to dry, the answer is yes and if it dries quickly then your answer is no.

Jade Plant + Clear Quartz

Also known as Money Plant or Friendship Tree, a Jade plant will bring prosperity and friendship to your home. With small white flowers that can bloom under the right care, it will indicate even greater luck and relationships for the owner. As a succulent, it is easy to care for requiring moderate light and infrequent watering. Clear Quartz is a useful stone to purify and amplify all other energy around it. It can also hold the specific intention of the owner to create an environment of versatility and flexibility. Given the multifaceted nature of the Jade Plant, Clear Quartz is an excellent pairing for the plant. Plants improve the quality of air in the home and with the right intention can also improve the metaphysical qualities. Whether you are looking to attract friendship, love or wealth, these plants and crystal pairings will elevate your energies and manifest what you desire. 

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