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What Is The Meaning Of the Evil Eye?

Throughout history there is no other protection amulet that withstands the test of time like the evil eye. In our hyper connected world we expose ourselves to onlookers who maybe envious about that new car, job promotion or idyllic vacation picture. With just a glance we can fall prey to the evil eye now without ever having been in physical contact from our assailant. 

The evil eye dates back to the beginning of time. There is a belief that through the eyes an onlooker can cause unwarranted harm to a subject of their envy.

Have you ever shared good news with a friend or family member and felt they were less than enthused about your good fortune? Shortly after were you left feeling lethargic, paranoid, or run into a string of misfortune? It is extremely common to encounter a curse from an evil eye.  

3 Types of Evil Eye

There are three types of evil eye and they vary in severity. The first is unintentional, typically cast in passing from an envious glance. The second is intended to harm the recipient, someone who has received accolades or praise recently is especially prone to this type of evil eye. The third is the most severe which is inflicted by an unseen evil, the most hidden and prominent, therefore most powerful. 


The evil eye dates back to ancient Sumerian civilization and has records in Ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome, reaching as far north as early Celtic traditions. It is a highly regarded belief that envious onlookers have the power to dispose curses upon those who flaunt their achievements and prosperity. 

Known as “The Nazar” in Turkish culture, this symbol of protection decorates everything from plates, to candles to jewelry. The eye peers unapologetically back at bad intentions, deflecting the intended harm from others back to them. 

Its watchful and protective gaze allows us the freedom and mobility to live blissfully without worry from ill will or jealousy from others. 

It’s scientifically known that everything is energy and low vibrations directed at us from others can intentionally block our blessing and create chaos in our lives. Something as simple as a thought or a glare can derail the work we have done to better our lives, and at times without our knowledge. 

How do you know you’ve been cursed with an evil eye?

It can sometimes be the people closest to you. Perhaps a friend or relative who hears of your achievements is jealous of your ambition and successes. They wish you harm and disappointment, even go so far as to pray about it. Slowly you encounter a series of discouraging events. 

There is a reason certain beliefs withstand the test of time and permeate all religions of the world, because they hold an element of truth. 

Other symptoms of being afflicted with the evil eye can be unprovoked anxiety, depression and lack of will to follow through on projects you once were excited about. Physically, those afflicted may suffer headaches, sleeplessness, unexplained skin conditions, lack or increase of appetite, numbness or sudden pain. 

How to protect yourself?

There are many ancient traditions and rituals that will cure you of an evil eye. Some not as accessible anymore like the Greek tradition of burning the fur of a bear or a new mother storing gunpowder and nails under the bed of her sleeping infant. 

One protection against the evil eye has withstood the test of time. Wearing jewelry decorated with the sacred symbol and carrying it as a talisman is said to procure the same variety of protection. Living in a modern world, where our successes are so easily shared and viewed by strangers, it is absolutely necessary to be aware of the risks involved. 

In order to safely accumulate riches and notoriety, it is important to safeguard your successes with an evil eye talisman.

The very material of brass alone has metaphysical elements of protection from wear and tear on the spirit. It also offers resilience to the wearer and is said to have the ability to open doors. Pairing this with the symbol of the evil eye the combination will undoubtedly lead the wearer to favorable outcomes without the worry of being impeded by jealousy or disdain. 

Whether or not one believes in the timeless tradition of protecting oneself from the jealous looks of others, simply wearing an evil eye pendant or bracelet with intention will bring out considerable results. All things in life are fueled by vibrations and energy and the evil eye is one tested by time and experienced throughout centuries to deflect all ill intentions directed at the wearer and allow the confidence and clear path to achieve all success you desire. 

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