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What does Sun Tarot Card mean?

The Sun is a Major Arcana card that represents vitality, success, love and support. There are few other cards that can detract from its unwavering favorable force when it appears.  Think of the way the sunlight feels, warming your skin on a beautiful day. There is no question the sun will rise again each morning. Plants grow, flower and bloom with the life force energy of the sun. All of these attributes translate into the powerful influence of this Major Arcana card.  If you’ve been having a difficult time and draw this card it’s an excellent sign. You’re being told that just as the sun thaws the winter ground or reappears after a rainstorm, your path will brighten again and...

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The Voice Winner - Cam Anthony and Runner Up Pia Renee wear We Love Brass

This season stylist Andrea McInnes styled top 10 finalist Pia Renee, and this season's winner Cam Anthony in rings from We Love Brass. There's someone I missing too but I'll be sure to tag her as soon as I can.  McInnes has a unique eye and style that helps her create timeless and trendy looks not matter what culture, shape, or size you have. 

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A Beginner's Guide to Palmistry

We can see our past, present and future through the lines and shape of our fingers and palms. Chiromancy, or palmistry is the art of divination through reading someone’s palm.  The shape of our hands correlate with the four different elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air. The elemental assignment of your palm is not always the same as your sun sign. For example, if you are an earth sign like Taurus, you can still have Water hands.  Earth hands have short fingers and a square palm. People with these hands are practical, grounded and logical. They can also sometimes be short sighted or stubborn.  Water hands are the opposite, with long fingers and a long palm. They appear slender and...

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An Elemental View on Astrology

Astrology has become a part of everyday conversation and mainstream consciousness. Though astrology is mainly a tool of introspection, it has also evolved into a scope through which we can analyze our relationships to and with other people and situations. What draws a lot of folks into astrology is the depth and detail of the craft. However, this complexity is also what intimidates many from diving deeper or diving at all. My intention is to ease some of this hesitation by giving you a simple, elemental perspective to understanding astrology.  Let’s get the basics out of the way! In astrology, there are 12 different signs or archetypes; each sign is divided into one of four elements: fire, earth, water, and...

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Coin Folkore - A history of coins in jewelry, stories, and culture

Coins have been used around the world since the beginning of history. They’ve been used to purchase goods, make bribes and have started and ended wars. For such a small object they have an incredibly vast and varied history. In most countries coins are imprinted with official government or historical figures. Ancient tokens are decorated with the deep mythology and folklore of gods. No matter the design, each coin holds a unique history that is imparted by each and every hand it passes through.  A common superstition is to find a coin heads up and pick it up and for the day you’ll have good luck. Sometimes we turn over a tails up coin to bless whoever might find it...

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