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Handmade Beaded Chokers

Take a look at the behind the scenes work that went into creating this one of a kind Pearl, Cream, and Orange colored seed bead choker.  Like many cool things I found the pattern on Pinterest.

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Bead Haul 2022

Check out my bead haul video from my trip to Berlin, Germany. I visited two super cute bead shops and one had all these vintage beads that I absolutely loved.

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What do jewelry boxes symbolize?

The importance of Jewelry Boxes Purchasing and owning precious jewels and elegant pieces of jewelry often reveal the representation of one’s own self in the form of these. These pieces symbolize cherished feelings and a part of your soul with their magnificent beauty and stunning sparkle, so regardless of their worth, these are invaluable possessions that are precious to your heart. To keep these valuable Jewelry collections protected and secured, jewelry boxes are a necessity as well a compulsion when it comes to owning jewelry items. So let’s dive into what jewelry boxes are, their purpose of creation, and their invaluable benefits. The purpose of Jewelry Box So it is understood that you would like a safe keep for your...

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What does Sun Tarot Card mean?

The Sun is a Major Arcana card that represents vitality, success, love and support. There are few other cards that can detract from its unwavering favorable force when it appears.  Think of the way the sunlight feels, warming your skin on a beautiful day. There is no question the sun will rise again each morning. Plants grow, flower and bloom with the life force energy of the sun. All of these attributes translate into the powerful influence of this Major Arcana card.  If you’ve been having a difficult time and draw this card it’s an excellent sign. You’re being told that just as the sun thaws the winter ground or reappears after a rainstorm, your path will brighten again and...

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The Voice Winner - Cam Anthony and Runner Up Pia Renee wear We Love Brass

This season stylist Andrea McInnes styled top 10 finalist Pia Renee, and this season's winner Cam Anthony in rings from We Love Brass. There's someone I missing too but I'll be sure to tag her as soon as I can.  McInnes has a unique eye and style that helps her create timeless and trendy looks not matter what culture, shape, or size you have. 

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