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Decorate Your Daily Life With Jewelry

The body is a temple and that temple needs to be adorned. Decorate your daily life with jewelry handcrafted with care. Each piece of hand made jewelry is as unique as you are, with a style for every story.  

What we wear on the outside is an expression of the way we feel on the inside. We Love Brass embraces individuality with deep homage and reverence for the past. Blending the old with new brings an element of alchemy to your everyday wardrobe. Wearing pieces of our collections elevate and enhance your personal style through intention and mindful design. There is something to be said about the versatility of brass. As a metal it has protective, healing and manifesting properties. With these elements the wearer is able to craft their own narrative and instill whatever intention suits them and their journey. 


As such a versatile and highly prized metal, brass has the ability to take on and amplify the elements and crystals around it. It is equally masculine and feminine in its alchemic composition, making it ideal for expressing any type of energy. Reflecting the universal power and warmth of the sun, brass has been used for centuries in the crafting of charms, amulets, and talismans. 

We are able to express our experience and influence our day with what we wear. Every piece of brass and silver jewelry has its own unique tale behind it and a story still waiting to be told. Tell your story with the adornments of We Love Brass and celebrate yourself in the world.

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