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Brass Jewelry: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Brass

First we will discuss. What exactly is Brass? Well, Brass is as a mixed metal metal which means its made of zinc and copper and is similar to bronze. Brass has gold-like appearance much like bronze (which, by the way, is an alloy of copper and tin and predates brass) and can come in a brighter red tint or a brassy yellow tint. Also anything "Gold - Filled" is also Brass and is Brass covered mixed with Gold.


  1. Looks like gold, very fashionable and can be less expensive then Gold and Sterling Silver which are subject to market fluctuations
  2. Excellent resistance to corrosion
  3. Great metal for plating, especially gold. Plating over Brass is hardy, even when tarnishing, it retains its colors.
  4. Can easily be polished


  1. Brass can be irritable to sensitive skin if it contains Nickle (all Brass jewelry on my site is Lead and Nickle free (it does not have Lead, Nickle and other irritants).
  2. The color of your item can change depending on copper content

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